What in your life has changed that has brought those thoughts?

Gorsuch and Sotomayor team up to protect criminal defendantsExonerees Are Eligible for Tax Refunds. (via The Atlantic)Trump answers written questions on Russia from special counsel Mueller: legal teamSarah Sanders releases the new rules for White House reporters: “We have created these rules with a degree of regret given the position taken by CNN, we now feel obligated to replace previously shared practices with explicit rules.”Their position is that a lower standard is appropriate for civil matters like college disciplinary proceedings vs a criminal matter.It isn an entirely incoherent position, even if it might ultimately be the wrong one for various reasons. Among them, that “clear and convincing” is required in some civil matters and is still less than “beyond a reasonable doubt.”From the ACLU blog cited in the article:Schools could adopt a standard of proof that favors the respondent.Standards of proof are integral to fair proceedings.

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